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Welcome to the new premier online wholesale auto auction... coming 2013.

Opportunity: Online dealer auto auction is about building a future driven by people creating new oppurtunities! A company driven by people for the sustainability of one another and for the sake of people! Making money, having the time to live and dream again and helping those left out in the cold from the economy, people is our business in this life!

With our web-based hands on training our system we will put people back to work from home or office! People once again can earn extra cash and more, part-time or full-time. We pay people like it was before computers were used, while being cost-effective and caring about the outer environment and our surroundings, people are our business!

AuctionIsNow.com finally presents the best, safest way to buy & sell automobiles. You can wholesale or retail vehicles from your store or office and we bring the auction to you!

As you know, the auto business is ever-changing. Remember the days of hand writing contracts or driving paperwork to the lender for funding? We believe that the current methods of buying inventory are equally inadequate. Save money and time, while buying and selling your inventory on line with AuctionIsNow.com.

The traditional way of wholesaling is as follows:

  1. Hire a driver/towing company, gas, insurance liabilities, bridge tolls, etc. $
  2. Favoritism! Rerun FEES acquiring a worthy number # so your vehicle will sell while buyers are present $
  3. Theft of parts from your vehicle. It happens frequently! $
  4. Damage dents, dings and scratches to your vehicle $

Did we mention more and more fees, which are taken from your bottom line? And added into their bottom line! $$

Welcome to AuctionIsNow.com! Make it fast & easy to buy, sell, find and buy fresh trade-ins, repos and more for independent and franchised dealers alike. By using sophisticated technology and offering units with clean car fax, no paint work vehicles, by the way, all by the way of a video presentation, as well as pictures, we will put confidence into each and every transaction. Need assistance? We also have qualified represenitives to assist you. Finding quality used vehicles has never been so quick and easy, as well as affordable. Traditional methods of buying and selling can be expensive and time-consuming. Traditional auto auctions are expensive and plagued with security issues, while your invested vehicle is safe at your dealership. You can avoid these expenses by using our on-line buying and selling process that we will be offering.

Please Contact: Anthony Ilacqua
Cell: 925-719-3707

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