How it Works

AUCTION IS NOW offers weekly online auctions. For all licensed dealers buying and selling on our live time auto auction every Wednesday 2pm.

Is Auction Is Now open to the public?

Not at this time, Licensed Auto dealers only, with the exception of private owned vehicles listed by our Auction Agents.

Can you view before you buy?

Yes, as you identify yourself as An member.

Having Said That we encourage uploading a Video So the buyers can see, hear, visualize along with posting all known facts, and or info needed to make an educated transaction. 

What is the cost of each type of sale?

New Car Trade Parade Sale

  • Vehicles sold under $500 Only $79.00 through March 2020 for all licensed dealers
  • Vehicles sold between $501 & $1,000 Only $150.00 ]
  • Vehicles sold over $1,000 Only $250.00. No Graduated Fee for higher priced vehicles!

You are now The Auction

  • Auction Types: Online Live time sale Buyers & Sellers Collide with S&S units-as-is, 90 Day Units, & More to come
  • $150.00 for Life! A limited time offer through March 2020 for Live time sale
  • Vehicles sold under $500 Only $79.00
  • Vehicles sold under $501 & up “Only” $150.00

All paperwork and financial transactions are completed between Buyer/Seller.  The winner of the vehicle must pick up vehicle within 7 days. Unless stated otherwise.

What Auction Platforms do we offer?

We welcome wholesalers and retailers to the future of Auto buying today with!

For Buyers: Weekly Bid Sale of New Car Store trades + Retail Ready Smog & Safety units inventory /Rentals/Financial Intuitions Only!

For Buyers & Sellers: offers a live time weekly Auction for all license dealers to participate in and build a good name and reputation with your peers.

Is the last bidder the winner?

If the seller’s minimum is met then yes!. “There will be a second chance offer at end of the auction for all non-sales or bids that did not meet the sellers minimum”. Our sellers of the Weekly Bid Sale will give a second chance offer to all buyers. Or for those who may have missed the timing of said vehicle and was not able to outbid the last bidder You will get a second chance with Auction Is Now.